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Our Brampton beauty bar laser clinic uses state-of–the-art equipment for safe, permanent hair removal, so that you are left with silky and beautifully, smooth skin. We use a high-powered 810nm diode laser for permanent hair removal and skin treatments. Our hair removal laser also treats all skin/hair types (light and dark), because of the various pulse mode selective programming, and our device is more effective because it universally radiates laser wavelengths for the most accurate results. Enhanced power and a chilled tip cooling system minimises pain and reduces the risk of burning to create the most effective laser hair removal.

Visit our Brampton laser clinic to speak to one of our licensed technician for a free hair removal consultation and ask about our laser hair removal deals and current skin care and hair care product promotions. Our laser hair removal technician will explain our safe, painless and hassle-free permanent hair removal procedure that will leave you with soft, glossy skin that you will be proud to show off.

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Other Lasers Vs. Elux810

Firstly the technology contained within these machines while theoretically the same being that they are using an 810nm Diode laser, the Other Lasers was developed some years ago and utilizes an older generation of Diode and therefor is not able to perform at the level of the Elux810

For comparison purpose I am going to compare the FDP mode on the Elux810 with the HR mode of the Other Lasers as they are the same type of feature in concept.

Other Lasers
  • Fixed at 10Htz
  • Fixed power output
  • Fixed Pulse Width adjustment???
  • ???
  • Handpiece rate at 5,000,000 Pulses
  • Older generation of Diod
  • Developed some years ago
  • Full Back in 30 Mints
  • ???
  • Variable from 5 to 10Htz
  • Variable power output from 5 – 24Joules cm/2
  • Variable long and short pulse width
  • Optimised Pulse width calculation based on Fluence setting
  • Handpiece Rated at 15,000,000 pulses
  • Latest technology Diod
  • Developed in March 2014
  • Full Back in 7 Mints
  • Capable of having 2500 patient parameters stored or presets for Patient Skin Types

The basic differences come when treating; Due to the way the Other Lasers operates with its very low Fluence per/pulse, the operator is required to perform multiple pass’s over the same area to enable sufficient Fluence delivery to surface to enable enough heat build up in the hair follicle to cause the necrosis of the bulb. Now while this is good because it does not cause much discomfort to the patient, it forces the treatment times to be considerably longer than the treatment times using the Elux810

Due to the ability of the Elux810 to adjust the per/pulse Fluence level, the operator is able to provide higher fluence levels to the surface while still being relatively pain free. This then removes the need for the operator to perform multiple pass’s and only requires a single pass over the treatment area, therefor reducing the operator treatment times significantly.

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We are one of the Latest Laser Hair Removal Technology & skin care salon in Brampton.


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